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Parking Service for People with Disabilities

Parking Services for
People with Disabilities on Homewood Campus

The Homewood Campus Parking Office issues special permanent and temporary handicapped parking permits to individuals who provide appropriate documentation of their need for accessible parking.  This special permit is required for all faculty, staff, and eligible students who wish to use an accessible parking space more than two times per month.  The cost for a handicapped parking permit is $62/month.  Enforcement of Homewood Campus Parking Regulations is provided primarily by Broadway Services, Inc., and augmented by Homewood Security Officers.

By adhering to special procedures, the Homewood Campus can provide and monitor parking for persons who qualify for, and require, special parking accommodations.  Permit holders who are found to have obtained the permit through misrepresentation, are willfully and improperly using the permit, or are otherwise abusing the disabled parking privileges are subject to the revocation of the permit prior to its expiration date, subject to a fine as stated in the published Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations.  These regulations and a campus map showing the locations of accessible parking spaces may be found at

Permanently disabled members of the Homewood Campus who require a handicapped parking permit must submit to the Parking Office the State of Maryland Vehicle Registration showing handicap license plates and registration of the vehicle in the paying member’s name; or, a completed copy of form VR-210 (Maryland Department of Transportation certification of disabled person permit) and the actual State issued handicap hangtag.  These items can either be brought in person, mailed, emailed, or faxed to the Parking Office.

Temporarily disabled members of the Homewood Campus who require a temporary handicap permit for a duration of up to three weeks must submit to Occupational Health & Safety detailed medical certification of the disability or injury.  This certification must be on the physician’s letterhead and signed by their physician.  Those members whose temporary disability is expected to last longer than three weeks are required to fill out Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration form VR-210 and obtain a Maryland temporary disability parking hangtag.  Once the State permit has been obtained, a copy of the VR-210 and the State issued disabled hangtag must be submitted to Occupational Health & Safety as above.  Occupational Health & Safety will forward the necessary documentation to the Homewood Parking Office to issue the Homewood Campus permit.

Johns Hopkins University Special Parking Permits will be issued only for the duration stated in the medical documentation; to the expiration date of the State issued disabled hangtag, or the expiration of the registration of the license plates.  Those members whose temporary disability extends beyond the original certification by their physician must submit new documentation to extend their special parking permit. 

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