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Rules and Regulations


All vehicles entering JHU property are governed by these regulations.  All parking on the Homewood campus is reserved for the exclusive use of active members of the Homewood Campus Paid Parking System, except where specifically provided for by designated visitors parking areas, by written notice, or by special permit issued by the University. Violators are subject to citation, immobilization, and/or towing. University administration reserves the right to refuse parking privileges to anyone found to abuse the parking system’s regulations and/or procedures. All parking and traffic regulations are maintained on the Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Parking & Transportation website.  Changes will be announced by the administration on the website or by other means as may be appropriate. The University does reserve the right to make changes in exigent circumstance without prior notice.


All vehicle operators are subject to existing Maryland motor vehicle laws while on the Homewood campus/Eastern Campus/Keswick Campus.  In addition, University traffic regulations also apply. Violations include but are not limited to-

  • Exceeding 15 mph on any campus roadway or parking lot, including driving in a manner or at a speed that is not reasonable or proper.
  • Operation of motorcycles, or scooters on University walkways, lawns, or in other unauthorized areas of the campus.
  • Failing to yield right of way to pedestrians.
  • Operation of a bicycle in a reckless or endangering manner or at a speed greater than reasonable for campus conditions.


Parking on lawns or blocking campus roadways, fire lanes, delivery entrances, service vehicle areas, walkways, handicapped  areas and other unauthorized parking areas is prohibited at all times, including university holidays and weekends.

  • Official posted signs shall govern the use of all areas on all John Hopkins campuses, as defined above.  Parking is confined to those areas specifically marked (“striped”) as parking spaces. 
  • Parking at any time on campus roads, lawns, loading docks, service areas, walkways, delivery entrances, student life staff areas, or any other unauthorized parking area is prohibited. 
  • Unauthorized parking in restricted areas is prohibited. “Faculty Permit Parking Only”, “Handicapped Parking Only”, “Service Vehicle Only”, “Loading Zones”, "Visitor reserved at Keswick", and areas signed “Parking by Special Permit at all times” are all restricted areas. 
  • Parking at an expired or malfunctioning metered parking space is prohibited. 
  • Parked vehicles may not extend beyond the length of a designated space into a driving lane or pedestrian path. 
  • Failure to park the entire vehicle between lines that designate the width of a parking space is prohibited.                                                                           
  • Securing or using parking privileges through misrepresentation or fraud, including the misuse of visitor hangtags, is prohibited.
  • Failure to display issued JHU  special parking permits or Faculty Hangtags while parked on campus is prohibited and will likely result in fines, immobilization, and/or towing.
  • Vehicle storage (over 24 hours) is permitted in the South garage and the San Martin garage.  Storing a vehicle for more that 5 days requires permission from the JHU Office of Parking and Transportation.


Campus parking and traffic regulations are enforced by University Parking Officials, Broadway Services Inc. parking staff, and Johns Hopkins Security Officers.


Regular parking include 24 access or overnight parking on the Homewood Campus (JHU at Eastern and Keswick) whether on controlled access lots or open space parking areas.  Where approved, 24 hour or overnight parking requires payment of an additional fee, equivalent to the current Reserved parking rate, prorated to a per day rate, for each overnight exception granted and is payable in advance.  Alternatively, 24 hour parking is allowed in garages, by registering for parking or by paying the applicable accrued daily fees as a Visitor. Exception to this regulation may be made in emergency or urgent circumstance, with approval of the Homewood Parking & Transportation Office.  Members who work an overnight shift at Hopkins are exempt from this provision.

  • Parking facilities are available to faculty and staff for University business and to eligible students attending courses on the Homewood campus.
  • Homewood staff and eligible students desiring parking on the Homewood campus, Eastern Campus, or Keswick Campus,  must register with the Parking Office and purchase a parking access card to park on controlled access gated lots. 
  • Faculty Only designated parking areas identified on the map and with signs are available to eligible Homewood Faculty Hangtag members only, until 3:45pm each weekday when Evening hangtag holders may utilize these spaces.  Eligible parkers must be registered with the parking office and display a Faculty Hangtag parking permit while parked on campus.
  • Students residing in Campus Housing and having the academic standing of Freshman are not eligible to park on campus, except during periods when parking restrictions are suspended.  Ineligible students are permitted to use the Visitor pay parking areas.
  • Part-time students in the School of Professional Studies, G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts & Sciences may purchase parking access cards that are valid after 3:45 p.m. (Monday thru Friday) for use on designated lots only.  Part-time students may also use visitor parking at the various locations on campus and pay the posted rates.


Eligible Hopkins staff and eligible students are required to register and display JHU hangtag on the registered vehicle when parked on the Homewood campus including the Eastern Campus and Keswick Campus. Eligible Faculty Hangtag members must display the Faculty Hangtag when parked on the Homewood and Eastern Campus.  Parking registrations are not transferable among individuals.  Registration materials and information can be found online or from the Homewood Parking & Transportation Office located in the South Garage under the Decker Quadrangle.  The telephone number is 516-7275 (PARK).


  • Visitors to the University should park in designated Visitor parking areas.  Visitors parking areas, including parking meters are in operation Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., with the exception of the South Garage and San Martin Garage which are operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Current visitor parking areas include:
          -   South Garage
          -   San Martin Garage
          -   Metered North Visitor Lot
  • Visitors to the Homewood House Museum may park at the museum lot in the rear of the AMR dormitories by entering campus through the North Gate on University Parkway.

Please see Homewood Handicapped Parking requirements here.  Handicapped visitors should either use marked handicapped spaces on campus and request a transport by calling the Homewood Parking & Transportation Office at 410-516-7275.

Parking fines currently in effect

  • $25.00 -- Lost or stolen hangtag replacement fee
  • $25.00 -- Each parking violation, including expired parking meter, unless otherwise specified (if applicable)
  • $50.00 -- Inappropriate use of and/or altering the date on a Visitor hangtag.
  • $100.00 -- Securing parking privileges through misrepresentation or fraud.  Vehicle maybe booted and a $100.00 boot fee will be applied.
  • $60.00 -- Parking illegally in a designated Handicapped area.

    Administrative and Towing Fees currently in effect:

  • $ 25.00 -- Research of vehicle registration fee and outside search fee
  • $ 30.00 -- Return check fee.
  • $ 100.00 -- Release of booted vehicle, plus all outstanding fines.  Additional fees may apply for vehicles not on the Homewood campus.
  • $250.00 -- Maximum towing charge, excluding possible storage charges and outstanding parking fines.

Two unpaid parking citations subject a vehicle to be placed on a Boot List and/or Tow-Away List without notice. The vehicle will be booted (immobilized) if two or more fines are outstanding and are not under appeal, or if fines are not in process of payroll deduction.  Failure to pay parking fines or to comply with University regulations shall result in booting or towing at vehicle owner’s expense and risk to Greenwood’s Garage at 1370 West North Avenue.  Parking privileges may also be canceled.  All parking fines and applicable administrative fees must be paid prior to release of vehicle to owner.  Booted vehicles unclaimed after 48 hours, or during an emergency situation, or if deemed necessary by the University will be towed at vehicle owners expense and risk, without notice.  Vehicles parked in fire lanes, disabled areas, delivery areas, service vehicle areas or vehicles blocking roadways and access doors may be towed without notice.  Persons who do not have parking privileges that have 2 or more outstanding violations as described above are subject to booting and/or towing.


  • Fines can be paid in person or mailed to Homewood Office of Parking & Transportation in the South Garage, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. Checks should be made payable to Johns Hopkins University.  Please do not send cash.  Fines and boot fees also may be paid by VISA or MASTERCARD.
  • Faculty, staff and other persons with parking privileges who are on the University payroll will have parking fines and applicable administrative fees automatically deducted from their salary/wages without prior notice, if not paid within 30 days of issuance of ticket(s). 
  • Individuals who have parking privileges and are not on the payroll deduction list, and students, with or without parking privileges, with two or more outstanding parking fines will be placed on the Boot List.
  • Once a vehicle has been booted, the fines and boot fees must be paid by Cash or Credit Card. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Individuals who feel that a notice of violation has been improperly issued may submit a written appeal, within 7 days of receipt of a parking citation.  Appeals should be conducted online or sent to the Homewood Office of Parking & Transportation, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218.   Appeals will not be accepted after 7 days from the date of the violation.


Persons with parking privileges are entitled to the use of appropriate designated parking areas. Acceptance of parking privileges (access card, special permits and hang-tags) constitutes an agreement between the parker and the University that the University shall not be responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle, its accessories or contents, resulting from theft, fire, collision, or any other cause


Erroneous Charges

As a reminder, all university employees are encouraged to check their pay vouchers on a regular basis.  Erroneous parking deductions can only be refunded to the beginning of the most recent calendar or fiscal year, whichever is most recent due to IRS and University regulations.

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